Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Magic of Raw Honey

Beautiful Honey
                I love honey.  It not only taste good but it has amazing healing properties.  The key is RAW honey.  Raw honey is perfectly safe (1 year of age and older).  One of the reason's they pasteurize it is so it keeps it's transparent state and to filter out pollen etc.  Over time raw honey naturally crystallizes. The crystallization doesn't affect the honey's taste or healing properties. You can dissolve the crystals by placing the jar in warm water for about 15 minutes.  Do not microwave your raw honey. Cooking the honey will destroy a lot of the healing properties so if you want to use raw honey for treatments or medicinal purposes then keep it away from heat.
If I had land I would so raise my own bees and harvest honey.  I love just thinking about it.  What a wonderful gift it would make.            

Isn't it amazing how honey bees build a honey comb?!?  I remember my Nana telling me that she would chew on the honey comb as a child.  Simple pleasures for sure.  I tried it and it's kinda nice.  It reminds you of gum but not very elastic.  After awhile the comb compacts and the flavor is gone.  This very honey comb can be used to make salves, lotions and candles. 

So we all know honey goes great with hot biscuits but did you know that honey can be used to heal our bodies inside and out?   Raw honey has antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, and phytonutrients. 

Honey has been used to heal wounds and burns for centuries. It is naturally antimicrobial and has antiseptic properties that clean wounds and inhibit bacterial growth making it a natural antibiotic for cuts and burns. But remember, it has to be RAW honey. Very important.  There is a huge difference in raw and pasteurized honey in my opinion. The raw honey will promote healing and sooth pain.  

I burnt my fingers twice and both times blisters formed almost immediately. Very painful and ugly.  I quickly held my hand under cold water to stop any "cooking" of my skin and then reached for my jar of raw honey.  I covered the burned area with the raw honey and within seconds the pain vanished! I am SERIOUS. It was amazing. A gift from GOD! I allowed the honey to stay on my skin for awhile and then washed it off.  I was able to use my hand after with very little discomfort.  Of course more serious burns should be seen by a MD or Naturopath. After the doctor has seen it then slather the burn with raw honey for pain relief and fast healing. 

Raw honey has also been used to treat gastric conditions like upset stomach and gastric ulcers.  I developed inflamed intestines which made eating painful. I went on a strict diet for two weeks of nothing but miso soup broth, vegetable broth, fresh juiced carrot, apple, and celery juice, organic apple sauce, and bananas.  In between eating this simple healing diet I drank lots of cooled chamomile tea with a tablespoon of raw honey in order to calm the inflammation in my intestines,
One daily spoonful packs a wonderful punch of nutrients.
 Local Raw honey can aid in allergy relief.  Because local raw honey has tiny bits of pollen from your area in it the pollen is able to triggers your immune system a little at a time causing you to build up a resistance.  In order to reap the benefits you should start taking a couple teaspoons a day for several months prior to the allergy season.  So much healthier than Allegra or Claritin and with more benefits. As with any natural therapy, start off with small amounts to make sure it agrees with you.

I love honey sticks! I remember collecting them at craft fairs and little country stores as a kid.  These would make a great gift paired with a unique tea cup and some organic teas. Sounds like a Christmas present to me.
Time to head to your local farmer's market to pick up some raw honey!


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