Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apple Turnovers

Oh the iconic apple turnover. As popular as the apple pie. So country, so humble and oh so good. Both of my grandmothers used to make these with their own personal touch. Nana Shirley would toss the turnover in cinnamon sugar after pulling it out of the cooking oil but Mamaw Ola Mae did not.  I remember Mamaw making them more than Nana. My aunt Carol said it was her job as a child to place slices of apples on top of the chicken coop(on newspaper) to dry. I think that using dried apples to make apple turnovers made my Mamaw's turnovers so flavorful. They are the perfect little dessert or snack for picnics or people on the go.  I had some dough left over from quiches that I made for my cousin's bridal shower so I used that.  I used the Better Home and Garden pie crust recipe.  It makes two pie crusts.

After letting the dough rest I rolled it out pretty thin. Then I cut out 3 inch rounds. I then rolled the rounds even thinner.

I cooked down about 5-6 large apples with 1 stick butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar to taste.  This is all about personal preference. Some apples may need more sugar than others.  Once it cooked down to a chunky apple sauce texture it was ready. I filled each round with about 2 tablespoons of filling. I folded over an edge and "glued" the edges together with a little water. Press edge with fork to seal.


Heat up oil of your choice.  I prefer using a cast iron pan. Brown on both sides.  They cook pretty quickly.  I haven't tried to bake these but that is an option.

I tossed them in cinnamon and sugar. I ate way too many.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Party Inspiration

While researching birthday party ideas I came across some very useful websites.  Catch My Party and The Sweetest Occasion have unlimited amount of ideas when it comes to decorating and planning a party. There is so much to look at that I'm sure it will take me awhile to go through each party. 

Catch My Party categorizes the parties my theme which is very helpful since they have tons of parties to go through.  I can't help but to notice many of my ideas which I thought were original being displayed on Catch My Party and The Sweetest Occasion.  It is so weird to see the ideas you have dreamed up on other people's websites. I ask myself, "How in the world?!"

{Fairy House by Enchanted Gardens}
For Amelia's Fairytale birthday party I want rustic and "realistic" looking fairy decorations instead of the commercial looking party decorations I see for fairy/fairytale themes. Real or silk flowers and natural materials. My local Micheal's craft store has most of their Spring flowers and greenery on sale for 50% off! I had to take this opportunity to buy as many as I could so that I will have them for Amelia's party decorations and for making fairy crowns and clips. So far I see my color scheme being dark blue, yellow, purple, greens and pinks. I may add in some teal.  I spotted a moss table runner and place mats which will add a nice texture to the tables but I'm holding off on those for right now. I seem to always add butterflies to every party I throw. My wedding, Amelia's 1st and 2nd birthday parties. I adore butterflies!

  Since I love adding lots of elements to my parties I have to be on the look out for bargains. I was so pleased to come across a website properly named, Save On Crafts. So many awesome things at great prices. Oriental Trading is always full of fun stuff too.

{$2.99 each! Save on Crafts}
{Moss Sticks $2.99 by Save on Crafts!}
{Roll of Moss $24 by Save on Crafts! Cheaper than Micheal's)

{These are so FUN! There are wild flower seeds in the natural paper! I want to fill these with small party favors and then after they are emptied the guest can plant them in the ground or flower pot and watch them grow.  I am so excited about this!! By Save on Crafts}
{Or I can fill these Jute bags with favors!}
{Or these burlap bags!}
Ideas, Ideas! My head is spinning right now.  I am most definitely leaving my backyard and patio decorated with the Fairytale theme when Amelia's party is over. Kill two birds with one stone.  

I do enjoy going to the Renaissance Faire when it comes to town. One particular decoration that I noticed everywhere were the fabric and ribbon garlands. So beautiful. I want to pull a little from the different whimsical elements that can be found at a Renaissance Faire.  It has that Pixie Hallow feel to it especially when the music is playing. I think I'm going to buy inexpensive muslin fabric and dye it different colors, then cut them into strips. I can then tie the strips onto jute twine and hang them all over the backyard and patio to give the party a whimsical feel that I love.

I better come back to reality for now! lol I could go on and on for hours about all of my ideas.  I have to save something for the actual reveal which won't be until July!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Crochet Granny Square Pillow Cover

I am quite pleased with how well my crochet pillow covers came out. I started out by crocheting a large granny square as big as I wanted it then finished it off with a single crochet around, triple crochet around and then a shell stitch around.

I bought pillows and slipcovers from IKEA. I ironed the pillow case after this pictures. ;-)

I stretched out the granny square and laid it on the pillow case. I tried to leave a 1 1/2 inch boarded all the way around the granny square. I just pinned the edges down to the top part of the pillow cover. (First layer)

I took thread that matched the pillow case and sewed a running stitch all the way around the very edge of the granny square. The thread hides really well as long as you don't take too big of a stitch.

The finished product is a fun and colorful accent to your home. I like to call it Anthropologie-esque. Hehe

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fairytales and Little Girls

I have always loved Fairytales, princesses, fairies, elves, and such. I used to tie a shoe lace around my Barbie's waist and swing her around so she would fly like a fairy. I love fairytale movies and books. They make me happy.  Now that I have a little girl all of my fascination for all things fairytale has doubled. Amelia is obsessed with Tinker Bell and so am I. I get to play with fairies and princesses with Amelia and have honeysuckle tea parties. I find myself buying way too much stuff for my little one! lol I think I'm buying it more for me than her.

I bought some flowers and materials to make Amelia a fairy crown and hair accessories. I am also making a pixie dust pendant necklace which Amelia keeps asking for. I have to order some tiny little bottles and then pick out some pretty beads to make her special pixie dust necklace. I might just make me one too!

A fairy door is next on my list. I may just buy one of these beautiful fairy doors. Attaching one to a tree in the backyard would look so cute!
This Fairy Mound is adorable. 
{Fairy Mound by TheFaeryWatcher}
I came across this blog, Pixie Dust Miniatures and it is absolutely amazing! She hand crafts whimsical miniatures. Aren't they adorable?!?! She has another blog called Hummingbird Miniatures where you can find her miniature pastries and foods.  I am in awe of her talent.

I am a big planner so I have already started to plan Amelia's 3rd birthday party which isn't until July 27th! I want to have a fairytale theme filled with flowers, pixie dust, handmade fairy crowns for all of the little girls and maybe gnome hats for the little boys. I think some of the moms may even wear a flower clip in their hair.  I'm so excited just thinking about decorating the backyard with lots of flowers and paper lanterns.  I need to be creative about the food.  What do fairies and gnomes eat? Berries??