Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crochet Produce Bag

The Purl Bee offers yet another awesome crochet pattern.  The Mesh Crochet Produce Bag.  It could easily be used as a beach bag as well. It was surprisingly easy given its complicated look.  I think the step by step picture tutorial really helps clarify the pattern. The pattern calls for linen yarn but I just used what I had.
The great thing about this bag is that it is eco friendly.  I know that is a word uttered often today and all crunchiness aside, it is important. The idea is if more and more people use reusable produce and grocery bags then plastic bag companies will make less and less of them in turn preventing more plastic bags from being dumped in ever growing land fills. Ok, off my soapbox.

Just fill your grocery cart up with your fresh produce 9without those plastic bags0 and then when it's time to check out just bag up your produce in these cheap to make, reusable mesh bags.

The Purl Bee tutorial explains how to measure it correctly.
I do want to stress the importance of stretching the bag out well and measuring as you go. I definitely did not stretch it well enough because after filling it with lemons, the bag stretched out quite a bit.  It should measure sixteen inches but mine now measures nineteen inches. I learned my lesson. I have to get it perfect if I want to add them to my etsy store.  Speaking of my etsy store, I want to change the name which means I would have to open an entirely new store.  I have a few names in mind but it is so difficult trying to choose one that fits my personality or the feelings I want to evoke.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage Red Lips

Oh the famous red lip.  It's synonymous with vintage. Everyone was wearing a red lip in the 40's.  Some reds have a blue base and some have an orange base. You have your pink reds and your brown reds.  The key was that it was RED.  Up until the beginning of this year I hardly wore chap stick let alone red lipstick.  Finding Casey from Casey's Elegant Musings changed it all for me.  My first red lipstick and still one of my favorites is the cheap N.Y.C Retro Red. It's a classic matte red.  I found it at target for under $2. I also bought N.Y.C Ruby which is a dark pink red perfect for wearing with pink and purple outfits. 
Retro Red is a true red.

Revlon Certainly Red is a new favorite that I keep in my purse.
The first couple of times I wore red lipstick it feathered so bad and wore off quickly.  Then I found Bare Escentual's Lip primer.  A pure necessity when it comes to keeping red lipstick in place.  I apply this to my lips first going just slightly over my lip line.
Next I line and fill in my lips with a red lip liner.  I use a cream lip liner by Palladio in Red Rose. Then I apply my red lipstick.  Easy peasy.  No gloss needed for a vintage look.  Matte lip color was very popular.
Beautiful Max Factor Lipstick ad featuring Rita Hayworth
I bought a tube of this vintage inspired lipstick made by Besame Cosmetics.

"Most describe it as petite,
but this 55mm size gold bullet packaging is reminiscent of the decorative
cases used during the post-war 1940’s when metal was in big demand for the war.
And yes it looks very similar to a bullet. Inspired by several original 1940's containers from my collection this was the first product I designed when I started Besame.
Besame Cosmetics

Vintage Me

Vintage me with my new Rita Hayworth red hair.
Vintage me with my blond hair (that I miss from time to time)

I have always loved vintage ladies, vintage decor, vintage clothes, vintage music and movies and pretty much vintage everything. I used to flip through my families' old black and whites and just stare at every detail.  The curl of the hair, the cut of the dress, the red lips. Oh so classy and timeless.  Around the beginning of this year a few blogs caught my eye. There are ladies living vintage lives in this modern day world.  I mean completely vintage.  The clothes in their closet are either thrifted vintage or vintage inspired.  One vintage lady in particular is Fleur from London. Her blog, Diary of a Vintage Girl, is full of stories about her vintage modeling, vintage gatherings, and tea parties.  She is one of the most authentic looking forties enthusiast I have come across.
Fleur writes for The Chap

Not all of the vintage blogs I follow are just 40's fashion and lifestyle but also the 20's and 30's.  I prefer authentic vintage to the rockabilly style that is popular.

Casey Brown of Casey's Elegant Musings sews most of her wardrobe from vintage sewing patterns.
Wearing History
also makes a lot of their own clothing

The Call of The Jitterbug
Tea With The Vintage Baroness
Gatsby and Me
These are only a few of the many vintage blogs out there.  I'm not sure that I can become completely vintage like these girls but I sure do love incorporating vintage style into my life. I like to think more on the lines of Antropologie.  Mixing vintage and modern with a little hippie or bohemian thrown in.  Keeps things interesting.

Next I will blog about vintage hair and makeup.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Decorative Plates

A dramatic display

One of my favorite things to decorate with are hand painted plates. I hang them with a wire plate hanger which comes in different sizes. They are so fun and easy to change out with the seasons.  I have several different plates that I use for different times of the year.  It's an inexpensive way to experiment with color and styles in my home's interior so I don't get bored. 

I bought 3 beautiful painted plates from Anthropologie last night.  They have so many styles to choose from. I have also bought several of my decorative plates from TJ Maxx Home Goods store which were very inexpensive.  Like $4-$6.  You can't beat that.

I snatched up this adorable bee plate.
These hummingbirds will look great on my wall.
And I couldn't pass up this beautiful strawberry and butterfly plate .

Of course there were a few plates that I would like to add to my collection at some point.  I can only talk my husband into buying me but so much at Anthro in one day.

Butter1fly plate on my wish list.
Mushroom on my wish list.
Painted Lady on my wish list.
invisible plate hanger
Wire plate hanger.

A conservative display

Love these contrasting colors
Mix and match for an eclectic look.
Fun seasonal display

Friday, September 3, 2010

Crochet edging

I have had this lamp shade for about 5 years now and I'm the type that gets bored with decor fast. That's why I was in college to become an Interior Designer before deciding to become a stay at home mommy. I love all types of styles, time periods, colors, etc. Even though I did not follow through with a design degree I still love interior design so I just can't settle on one look for my home. I am constantly changing things. Lord help me when I get the chance to build and decorate my own home. I better start a binder with inspirations now!

Last night I decided to add a little something to this lamp shade. It needed more color and texture.

I crocheted a scalloped edging in a navy blue and teal and then hot glued it to the bottom of the lamp shade. The edging makes the lamp shade look more complete. At least to me it does. :) Plus it brings together extra colors which I like. Mixing contrasting colors is one of my favorite things to do. Olive green with a pink and a mustard yellow. Very Anthropologie.

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