Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crochet Produce Bag

The Purl Bee offers yet another awesome crochet pattern.  The Mesh Crochet Produce Bag.  It could easily be used as a beach bag as well. It was surprisingly easy given its complicated look.  I think the step by step picture tutorial really helps clarify the pattern. The pattern calls for linen yarn but I just used what I had.
The great thing about this bag is that it is eco friendly.  I know that is a word uttered often today and all crunchiness aside, it is important. The idea is if more and more people use reusable produce and grocery bags then plastic bag companies will make less and less of them in turn preventing more plastic bags from being dumped in ever growing land fills. Ok, off my soapbox.

Just fill your grocery cart up with your fresh produce 9without those plastic bags0 and then when it's time to check out just bag up your produce in these cheap to make, reusable mesh bags.

The Purl Bee tutorial explains how to measure it correctly.
I do want to stress the importance of stretching the bag out well and measuring as you go. I definitely did not stretch it well enough because after filling it with lemons, the bag stretched out quite a bit.  It should measure sixteen inches but mine now measures nineteen inches. I learned my lesson. I have to get it perfect if I want to add them to my etsy store.  Speaking of my etsy store, I want to change the name which means I would have to open an entirely new store.  I have a few names in mind but it is so difficult trying to choose one that fits my personality or the feelings I want to evoke.



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