Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage Scarves

I found these colorful scarves at a thrift store while in Va during Christmas.  A few dollars a piece and in great condition. I have a few that belonged to my Nana and I love to wear them so I thought I would start collecting a few here and there. I need to find a better way to store them.

{From Vintage Postcard Gallery}
This little girl looks adorable with a scarf on her head!

{Factory workers warping their hair up with simple scarves. From Michal Hadassah Flikr}

I think one of the reasons I, as well as many others associate headscarves with the 1940's is because of it's use during the war efforts.  Women went to work at the factories and fields when their husbands, brothers and fathers went off to war. In order to keep their hair safely out of the way while working on machinery they would wrap their hair up in scarves or turbans. Women also wore headscarves while cooking, cleaning, swimming, gardening, putting on make up, riding a bike, setting pin curls, etc. Practical yet feminine.

I LOVE this WWII advertisement. The many hats of women during the war.

{From zombielace}
{From vintagelabels}

A side note. Have you noticed that most of the scarves in the pictures are red and white polka dot?! I did not plan that! lol

Super Kawaii Mama has a video on how to wear a headscarf.


  1. I keep my scarves hanging off one fo those pegless washinglines. Then they are in easy reach all the time