Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Decor and Caramel Apples!

 The first couple of weeks of Autumn have been hot in the Bay Area. I'm kind of glad because it gives my late growing tomato plants time to keep producing. Sadly my huge tall heirloom Box Car Willie tomato plant broke in half from the weight of the heavy tomatoes. I never knew how much heartache a failed crop could bring. I will have to figure out a better staking system next year.
 I prefer the heirloom pumpkins. The silver-blue ones, white ones with stripes and the Cinderella pumpkin are so pretty! The rich reddish orange color of the Cinderella pumpkins make them my favorite!

  I love the Autumn berry garlands that Micheal's carries. I wait till they are 40-50% off!
 I just bought this Autumn leaf garland for 50% off! It's a really well made garland too.
 More Autumn berries. A friend gave me this cute pumpkin mug last year.
 Amelia and I made caramel apples yesterday! It was so easy and fun.  Especially when you buy the bag of caramels specifically made for apples. I've made caramel apples from scratch before and although it was nice and yummy it does take time and isn't always ideal when a little one is helping you.
 I toasted walnuts and then chopped them up for dipping the bottoms of the apples in and then Amelia got to help decorate them with Autumn sprinkles. The caramel sets up quickly once it's on the apple so I helped Amelia by tilting the apple a little and gently pressing a handful of sprinkles onto the sides. 
 I love the toasted walnuts compared to peanuts and the sprinkles add a nice crunch too.


  1. These caramel apples look so good!! I've made caramel apples once but it didn't come on as evenly as it did on your apples. I think I maybe didn't heat it up enough. And I didn't think of sprinkling them, that sure looks delicious!

  2. @simona

    Thank you! I made sure the caramel was really runny and even reheated it to finish the last two.

  3. Your home looks like an autumn wonderland! This makes me happy, since there's not a hint of fall around these parts today -- I miss it!

  4. @oaxacaborn

    Thank you!! From someone who moved from Va to northern Ca I'm glad we get a little touch of autumn color here in the Bay. I do miss autumn leaves whirling about.