Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage Eyeglasses

I've been neglecting my need for vision corrections. I wore glasses most of my teen years and then stopped wearing them about 8 or so years ago. I got contacts after my daughter was born but never wore them regularly. Since then I've been squinting. I promise I have not been a danger to the public. I've always passed my DMV vision test. I had an eye exam on Saturday and the Dr told me I would no longer pass the DMV vision test if I were to go in today! Yikes. I knew I needed to get glasses so I started researching vintage inspired eyeglasses right away. I wanted glasses that went with my style. I was happy to find that more and more designers are catering the vintage/retro style. A few people pointed me to Coastal Contacts and I found Frames Direct and Eye Bobs after a quick google search.

Most eyeglasses in the 1940's were more round in shape and very simple. In 1947 the style, Browline was invented and designed by Jack Rohrbach for the Shuron eyeglass company. The name Browline seems like an obvious name because the design at the top of the frame mimics that of the eyebrows. Browline eyeglasses gained popularity in the 1950's and are still made and sold by the Shuron company. I am ordering these brownlines made by Shuron! My optician said she would put lenses in a pair of vintage frames if I found some I liked! Make sure your Optician will do that because some will only work on frames you buy in their office. Ebay, Etsy and some other online stores have lots of original vintage frames for sale. I'm going to keep an eye out for vintage frames the next time I go thrifting or antiquing.

Shuron Nusir Royale Eyeglasses

I am so excited. They are having a 40% off sale on all prescription glasses until Nov 18, 2011! 

The famous Cat Eye frames! Order a pair at Frames Direct or Coastal Contacts.
Besides today, I think the 1950's and 60's was the most popular time for wearing eyeglasses. The frames became more fashionable and fancy.

(Both of these vintage inspired frames can be found on Frames Direct!)
These round frames remind me of the pair John Boy from The Waltons wore. You can see this type of eyeglasses in late 30's early 40's movies. Usually worn by a geeky boy or girl. Funny how they stereotyped eyeglass wearings with intelligence back then too.


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