Monday, January 16, 2012

Lake Cottage and Thrifting

While vacationing in Virginia for Christmas we got to stay at my parents lake cottage for a few days.  It was so relaxing and peaceful. Clarksville, Va is about an hour from my home town of Amelia County. It has become a vacationing town with cute antique and thrift shops, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and even a little herbal store. It's filled with gorgeous old homes. Lots for sale too! 

My mom, Amelia and I spent most of our time thrifting and antiquing along with coffee drinking, sitting and talking, playing with puppies, and just hanging out. That's what you do at the lake. No rushing around. No alarm clocks. You go with the flow. I will post some pictures of the old houses I took last year. So much history in this small quiet town.

I found some goodies while in Clarksville, Va too and will post about my treasures next. Virginia has some great thrift stores let me tell ya! I was so excited about the fun things I found and at great prices too. If you ever visit Virginia bring an extra suitcase and make sure you visit the local thrift and antique shops.

We went to a local thrift store that had some beautiful vintage sewing machines.

My mom is collecting mix matched floral dishes and bowls instead of one matching set. Such a fun idea. They recently remodeled the cottage kitchen and added shelves instead of upper cabinets which makes a great display for all of her floral dishes. I sent her pictures of vintage green utensils and enamelware and she matched up a paint color at Lowes to paint the shelves and knobs this "Grandma" green! I so love this color!

I found these Target brand floral dishes at the Thrift store and bought them for the cottage! They have a vintage feel I think. I also found these 8 piece cups and saucers at the same thrift store for $4! They are so cute!
The vintage strawberry bowl below was $3 at an antique shop! I decided that strawberries should accent my mom's cottage kitchen. She agreed. hehe

The cake keeper was something my mom found at an antique shop a while back. Isn't it sweet?!


  1. I just love that strawberry plate! Your mom's kitchen is too cute!

    1. Thank you! I love visiting the lake cottage. I am so happy my mom and dad were able to remodel the kitchen the way they wanted too. Perfect for the two of them.