Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tea Making Tips (1941)


Tea Time!

I love making a cuppa tea (as the British call it) in the middle of the day and my 2 year old daughter loves joining me!  I usually choose Raspberry leaf, Peppermint, Ginger, Chamomile, or decafe Irish Breakfast tea.  Recently I had to give up my daily cup of java (except for the occasional decaf coffee) because of digestive sensitivities and anxiety issue.  Since I love coffee for it's full body and flavor I knew I had to find a tea alternative that wouldn't make my tummy hurt and didn't taste "watery" or "thin".  I found Irish Breakfast tea to fit the bill pretty closely.  The flavor is full and heavy.  I add coconut creamer by SO Delicious and a little raw sugar.  It's my perfect coffee alternative.
Above is a sweet and touching video of British tea making tips filmed during WWII.  Check out the size of the tea pots they use for the soldiers!  Huge!  Making tea is an art form and this video will show you how to make the perfect cuppa tea.  In Britain they drink tea like we drink coffee.  I think I will make 4 O'clock tea time a regular happening in my home.  Now to find some gluten-free "biscuit" recipes.  

Gorgeous Tea Set from Anthropologie!

This Tea Set from Anthropologie is beautiful!  It's called Shipwrecked which makes it even more charming.  Can you imagine finding this on an island somewhere?!?!  I WANT this ridiculously priced item.

Tea Infuser
Tea Strainer
Don't forget a tea infuser or a tea strainer because to make a proper cuppa tea you need to use loose tea leaves.  I don't get any money or discounts for constantly suggesting them BUT Mountain Rose Herbs has some of the best loose leaf teas and prices to boot.  They give discounts for buying bulk!  I buy most of my herbs from them and have been very pleased with everything.

Hopeful the vintage video will help you make a better cuppa tea.  I know it has helped me!

Tea Biscuits by Whipped Bake Shop I want to try and make these!



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