Monday, April 4, 2011

Victorian Flower Press

I remember pressing flowers as a little girl.  I used a book instead of a nice flower press.  I bought a flower press from Michaels.  Very basic and inexpensive  Amelia and I had a lot of fun picking flowers from around the yard.  This is the only time Amelia is aloud to pick my flowers! She has a habit of picking every flower and with an excited look on her face she hands them to me.  It's hard to get mad at that happy face.

I picked up a pack of transfers for another project but couldn't resist adding a few butterflies to our flower press.  I may even stain the wood.  I'm not a fan of the "new wood" look.

I think I will dry a bunch of flowers so that I can use them on Amelia's birthday card envelopes to add a special touch. I like the idea of adding them to a journal or handwritten recipe book.


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