Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apple Turnovers

Oh the iconic apple turnover. As popular as the apple pie. So country, so humble and oh so good. Both of my grandmothers used to make these with their own personal touch. Nana Shirley would toss the turnover in cinnamon sugar after pulling it out of the cooking oil but Mamaw Ola Mae did not.  I remember Mamaw making them more than Nana. My aunt Carol said it was her job as a child to place slices of apples on top of the chicken coop(on newspaper) to dry. I think that using dried apples to make apple turnovers made my Mamaw's turnovers so flavorful. They are the perfect little dessert or snack for picnics or people on the go.  I had some dough left over from quiches that I made for my cousin's bridal shower so I used that.  I used the Better Home and Garden pie crust recipe.  It makes two pie crusts.

After letting the dough rest I rolled it out pretty thin. Then I cut out 3 inch rounds. I then rolled the rounds even thinner.

I cooked down about 5-6 large apples with 1 stick butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar to taste.  This is all about personal preference. Some apples may need more sugar than others.  Once it cooked down to a chunky apple sauce texture it was ready. I filled each round with about 2 tablespoons of filling. I folded over an edge and "glued" the edges together with a little water. Press edge with fork to seal.


Heat up oil of your choice.  I prefer using a cast iron pan. Brown on both sides.  They cook pretty quickly.  I haven't tried to bake these but that is an option.

I tossed them in cinnamon and sugar. I ate way too many.


  1. eating way too many is always a good sign I think. Love that you have a nana shirley and the other nana seems even more interesting. I wonder how dry the dry apples were?

  2. They were very interesting ladies. I have some neat stories about my mamaw Ola Mae. I would think that the apples were leathery in texture when they were done. My Aunt said she would have to take the apples down at night and put them back up everyday until they were finished drying. I should ask my Aunt Carol about the finished product.