Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend 2011!

It felt like we celebrated the 4th of July all Weekend! Busy swimming and barbecuing on Saturday, lunch and shopping with friends on Sunday and then Monday we slept in and laid around until the afternoon. We walked around a local small town called Los Gatos and then Monday night we went to another BBQ where we swam and watched fireworks. We ate and we ate and we ate.
I spent Saturday lounging by the pool in my retro inspired bathing suit and the wrap skirt I bought while I lived in Guatemala. My garden hat is from Colonial Williamsburg! I love that hat!

Amelia wanted to learn how to swim so bad.  She has no fear of the water.  That's good and bad.
My honey trying to rest from his horrible sciatica pain. :-(

Hot and tired on the 4th of July.  We are wearing matching milkmaid braids! I love them!!
Making wishes in the fountain. She started singing Snow White's wishing well song! So cute!
Amelia loves picking the blackberries and eating them straight from the bush.

Our blackberries are ripening everyday! I tend to pick them too early though.
My cucumbers are growing nicely.  I planted pickling cucumbers this year. I would love to make relish and pickles. Amelia just loves pickles!
Planted my sad heirloom tomato plants that I grew from seed.  The cool weather we had here in Spring and the beginning of Summer was not working for my seedlings. I hope they aren't stunted now. My green onions and Spanish onions are doing good though.
You can see my green beans growing on the trellis I made. My green beans always do really well. We enjoying cooking them and making dilly beans.

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th!


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