Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tip of the week

Even though my computer is acting up I'm going to try and post again because I miss it so much! Here we go. Tip of the week.

My husband and I try to eat raw most of the day for many reasons so we buy lots of vegetables and fruits. Sometimes we don't eat our produce fast enough and the broccoli, radishes and carrots tend to get "floppy" or soft so I came up with the idea of plunging the vegetables into ice cold water until they firm up. It's amazing how, soft and floppy broccoli can firm right up. Most of the produce will firm back up but some may not. Remember there is a differences between soft spoiled food and soft edible food.

I like to keep the radishes in a little water in the fridge, as well as, the celery. Another vegetable that can get soft but still be edible are potatoes. I peel them and add them to ice water and they too firm back up.


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