Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg pictures! December 2010

Here are some pictures of my beloved Colonial Williamsburg!! This time there was snow! Although my toes felt close to frost bite, it looked so magical.  Especially when it gets dark and the candles in the windows flicker a warm glow.  It's pretty much perfect.

This is one of my favorite shops in Colonial Williamsburg. Tarpley's store is full of all sorts of goodies. Colonial toys, tools, decorations, dishes, candles, soaps, dried fruits, hats, ink wells and feather pens. We bought Amelia a little bonnet.  She loved wearing it. She can grow into it for sure.

The decorations! Every building is decorated differently. Natural elements are used like dried or fresh flowers and fruits, sea shells, tobacco, as well as colonial objects like pipes, tools etc. I read that a lot of the fresh decorations have to be replaced daily! The decorations are judged and awarded ribbons. While we were there we spotted a few winning ribbons on buildings.

The garden section was open. They displayed different plants and garden elements for sale.  I bought one of the bottle bird houses you see at the top right. Still waiting to hang it up. Come on Spring!

I don't know if you can tell but there are apples in the holes on the front of the house.  The holes were left by posts used during constructions. The apples have to be replaced often because of birds and squirrels.
These torch posts also know as Cressets, can be bought from the Williamsburg Marketplace.
There were lots of carriages around town because of the holiday season.  Riding in a carriage when it is snowy outside is so cozy. Amelia could spot them a mile away. She would get so excited.  We bought her a stuffed Colonial horse named Lancer to remember our trip.

Amelia was such a good sport even though it was freezing.  She just kept trying to get in the snow.


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