Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Love Story

Joaquin and I met in Guatemala while I was living there as a missionary. I moved there when I was 16 years old. I lived at House of Hope orphanage with a family from my church in Va. I first met Joaquin  in 2001 but he didn't even know that I existed. I was only 17 and he was 26. He and a pastor from his church brought a group of teens and young adults to the orphanage to help with construction and to minister in the mountain villages. It wasn't until his 2002 visit that he noticed me. This time I was 18 and he was 27. I was sitting with one of our little Guatemalan girls on our porch when he decided to walk up to me and introduce himself. When he started to walk towards the porch, I looked around trying to find the person he was walking too. To my surprise it was me he wanted to talk too. He sat down beside me and we carried on a conversation. The day before their trip was over, Joaquin came to my house and asked for my e-mail address. That was the beginning of our friendship. 

For almost two years we kept in contact with each other. I moved back to the states Dec. 14, 2003. Once in the states we started to IM and then from IM we moved on to the phone some time in February of 2004. It was amazing how smooth and fast everything progressed in those short months since coming home. I believe it had a lot to do with our two year friendship. God was preparing us. I remember when I was praying about moving to Guatemala and I felt so sure that it was something the Lord was calling me to do. One thing that encouraged me was hearing the Lord say that I would meet my future husband in Guatemala. It was all God's timing indeed. 

By the end of February we were talking about marriage.  Joaquin flew in for my 20th birthday and met my parents and family for the first time. He rented a car in DC and drove down to Midlothian. My mom and I drove to meet him in Midlothian so I could ride with him 30 minutes to my little town in the country. I remember I was so nervous and shaky. We got into the car, smiled at each other and then he reached for my hand. All nervousness melted away and the rest is history as they say. He asked my parents' permission to marry me. Joaquin was able to fly out for business in Va or just make a short trip to see me almost every other month. I flew out to Ca in June of 2004 to meet his family and friends and see where I would live. I stayed with his pastor's family. Joaquin took me on the 17 mile drive and then to Carmel by the Sea for dinner.  He even had a cd of love songs made for our long ride! I never thought that he would formally propose that night. He had told me that the ring wasn't ready and that we would pick it up the next day. After dinner we walked around Carmel and before leaving we walked to a historic stone church. There in a little garden were vases filled with hydrangeas, small framed pictures of me and of text messages we had been sending to each other. Many candles cast a romantic glow. I was shocked and so many questions and thoughts were running through my head. In the midst of my confusion Joaquin knelt down and asked me to marry him. The first thing I did was smack his arm and said, "you did have the ring!" He laughed and then I said yes! He guided me to the church's courtyard where a cafe table and chairs were with music, candles, sparkling cider and a cherry pie! My favorite pie! He had amazing friends that set up everything while we were eating dinner.

I had prayed for my soul mate and it didn't take me long into our courtship to realize that Joaquin was my answer to pray. I think we knew at the same time that we were meant for each other. There was never a weird or strange moment during our times together. It felt like we had known each other forever. We had truly found our Soul mates. We married May 21st 2005.


  1. What a sweet story. I absolutely love hearing how others found love. Mine wasn't quite as romantic, but still absolutely perfect in every way.

    Take care,