Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scottish Faire 2011

We went to the Scottish faire and Highland Games again this year.  I really enjoy being amongst others that share in the same heritage.  My mother's maiden name is Hastings which is a well known name in Northern Scotland. Some history books say the name was brought to Scotland and England by the Vikings. A Hastings married into the Campbell clan in the early 1800s. Hastings belongs to the Campbell of Loudoun clan which is a sect of the Campbell clan.  Everyone named Hastings has the right to wear the tartan of the clan, Campbell of Loudoun only. The Campbell clan and the Campbell of Loudoun clan have similar colors but a different pattern on their tartan. Sounds confusing.  Although clan Campbell of Loudoun has their own tartan, they still belong to the main Campbell clan.

Most of the Scottish clans were represented at the faire by a booth. Since the Campbell clan happens to be one of the largest, most powerful and successful clans they naturally had one of the largest booths there. ;-) Booths typically have maps, pictures of the clan's castle and founders, tartan colors, books on the clan for research, etc. We stopped by the Campbell clan booth and Amelia immediately found a man playing Celtic music on his guitar and singing. That girl loves music.  We listen to Celtic music often and Amelia likes to call it Tinker Bell music since the movies play a lot of Celtic inspired music.

Men in kilts everywhere!
 You can see behind Joaquin and Amelia all of the clan booths. They keep going and going.  There were so many! Flying their flags.
 The Scottish country dancers were fun to watch.  Amelia was drawn to them.  She of course started dancing and mimicking them.

 See how excited she is to see the dancers?!
 She was copying the girls when they held their skirts while dancing. So precious.
 They performed traditional dances from Scotland.

 There were band competitions the whole time we were there.  Celtic bands from all over California. The bag pipes and drums were amazing.  Very exciting. A lot of the bands had young men and women which was nice to see.  Proud of their heritage.
Look at this little one in a kilt!!! There were lots of little ones wearing tiny kilts! The sweetest thing!

 We checked out some of the Scottish games while we were there.  I was sad that we missed some of the games.  The fairgrounds where the faire was held is so big and spread out that it was hard to take it all in without spending ALL day there. We spent 5 hours there! We asked a few workers where the games were being held and they didn't seem to know where they were. We finally found someone who knew what was going on so we made it at the tail end of the games. Oh well. 
 They also had sheep dog showings where they showed you how they train and use sheep dogs in the fields.
 Me and my silly girl. We were hot, sweaty and dirty by this point.
A gentleman came up to me to tell me that I was beautiful and my hair was lovely. That made this self conscious girl's day. ;-) Red hair at a Scottish faire is like a golden ticket. hehe
 I wish I could have gotten a better picture of these Scottish Highlands!  Their faces are SOOO cute! Hair all in their faces like big babies.

 Entrance into old world Scotland and Ireland.
 This is supposed to be the princess of Ireland. When you approach the tent you are escorted to the princess by a gentleman in costume. He introduces you as Lady Amelia, Lady Lindsey and Lord Joaquin and then you have to bow or curtsey. Amelia did a great job with her curtsey. 

 Amelia received a special gift from the princess. A ribbon to wear across her heart. Precious. Sadly Amelia already lost it.

Amelia sat down on the Lady-in-Waiting's chair. They thought she would make a beautiful Lady-in-Waiting. I think so too.

 They said that the knights were fighting for the Queen. It was kind of funny to watch.  It definitely can't compare to the Scots fighting in Braveheart.

 The Queen giving out medals to the winning knight.

 I had to take a picture of this beautiful older woman with a long thick gray braid. I love it. She was there with her daughter and grand kids.
Amelia with her special ribbon from the princess of Ireland. We had a fun time together. Lots to do and see. We shared a scotch egg, cottage pie, meat pie and a scone with strawberries and cream. There were several large buildings filled with Celtic and fairytale themed crafts and imported goods.  Tartans, food, handmade pottery, renaissance clothing, period weapons, leather goods, Celtic knot jewelry, fairy crowns and wings, etc. I found my favorite potter there and bought another mug in a different shape.  I adore handmade pottery.  The beautiful glazes and rustic shapes have a warm look that I love.

Going to the Scottish faire always makes me want to watch Braveheart or LOTR. I would love to go to England, Scotland and Northern Ireland for our 10 year wedding anniversary. We will see. We have 4 years to plan.


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