Monday, May 21, 2012

Edible Flowers

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary! 

My husband surprised me with yellow roses today. I love yellow flowers and prefer yellow roses over red ones. Did you know that rose petals are edible? Of course you will want to eat pesticide free edible flowers only. Always know for certain that the flower is edible. Remove the pollinated parts and eat the petals only.

Our new favorite thing is using edible flowers on our salads. We pick our lettuce and edible flowers from the garden to serve for dinner that night. When Amelia and I are out in the garden she always asks if she can eat a flower. (I told her to always ask first before eating anything in the garden.)

I remembering being interested in herbs and edible flowers at a young age. I read about edible flowers used in Colonial Williamsburg. Tulip petals filled with an herbed goat cheese served at tea time sounds delightful! Sugared pansies placed atop petit fours would look beautiful for Amelia's 4th birthday party. I listed below some, but not all, of the edible flowers out there. You can learn more about edible flowers and their flavors here, here and here.

Edible Flowers

 Sweet Flavors
• Chamomile
• Dandelion
• Daylily
• Elderberry
• Linden
• Okra 
• Pineapple guava 
• Red clover
• Yucca 

• Anise hyssop
• Bee balm
• Dianthus
• Fennel
• Pineapple sage

• Honeysuckle
• Jasmine
• Lavender
• Lilac
• Rose
• Scented geranium
• Sweet violet

• Johnny Jump-up
• Mint
• Pansy

Citrus Fruit Flower
• Hibiscus
• Lemon
• Lemon verbena
• Orange
• Signet marigold • Tuberous begonia

• Arugula
• Broccoli
• Kale
• Mustard
• Nasturtium
• Radish 

{Chive flowers}
{Harvested lettuce and edible flowers from the garden.}


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