Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreaming about crochet

"My Treasures"

Ok....I had my second crafting dream. When I first fell in love with embroidery I couldn't sleep well because I kept dreaming about it. Last night was full of crochet dreams. When I become obsessed about something I because obsessed. Crocheting is coming along very nicely. I bought two beginner books but I have to tell you, watching the Expert Villiage videos on YouTube and Free Vinatge Crochet has helped me a lot. I am not that good at reading crochet patterns yet. They can be a bit confusing. I also found a few sites that offer free crochet patterns for when I learn how to read them. So fun! Here are the sites, 1, 2, 3, 4. Crochet is easier than you might think and so exciting when you finish a piece. I really enjoy the process of crochet.

The table runner to the left was embroidered and edged with crochet by my Grandma, Ola Mae and the two crochet hearts were done by my Nana, Shirley. I cherish them.

In the turn of the century, doilies were everywhere in homes. On top of dressers, bedside tables, or buffets to protect the furniture's finish from becoming scratched by vases, plates, or lamps. Some historians believe doilies have been used as early as the 11th century! Pick up a pack of crochet needles and some yarn and get to work! You will love it.


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