Friday, June 5, 2009

Garlic Tincture

If I could only pick one herb to keep in my home it would definitely be garlic. It is very versatile for both cooking and healing. I made a garlic tincture to use for a number of ailments. Garlic is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It's great to take for colds, flu, fever, UTI, athlete's foot, upper respiratory ailments, ear aches, and much more. I have personally used it to treat my daughter's colds and bronchialitis, as well as my UTI and sore throat. It is a wonderful daily health tonic to keep your body strong against infection, as well as, encouraging heart health.

Here is how to make a simple garlic tincture for your family.

Garlic Tincture

Enough chopped garlic to fill a jelly jar 3/4 full
80-100 proof vodka

Fill a clean dry jelly jar 3/4 full with the chopped garlic. Do not pack. Pour the vodka into the jar until the garlic is covered 2-3 inches and bring the liquid just under the lip of the jar. Place a clean lid and ring on your jelly jar and shake. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight for 4 to 6 weeks shaking the jar everyday or as often as possible. Once the time is up place a double layer of clean cheese cloth into a strainer over a bowl and pour jar out into the cheese cloth lined strainer. Gather up ends of the cheese cloth and squeeze all of the liquid out of the garlic and into the bowl. Pour the strained liquid into a clean jar and lable with the type of tincture and year. Store in a cool dark place. You can put some, if not all of the tincture in an amber bottle with a dropper like I did. Tinctures are given by drops and I recommend two books to help you treat your family with herbals.

(This info is for educational purposes only and not meant to diagnose or treat anyone)


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