Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage Red Lips

Oh the famous red lip.  It's synonymous with vintage. Everyone was wearing a red lip in the 40's.  Some reds have a blue base and some have an orange base. You have your pink reds and your brown reds.  The key was that it was RED.  Up until the beginning of this year I hardly wore chap stick let alone red lipstick.  Finding Casey from Casey's Elegant Musings changed it all for me.  My first red lipstick and still one of my favorites is the cheap N.Y.C Retro Red. It's a classic matte red.  I found it at target for under $2. I also bought N.Y.C Ruby which is a dark pink red perfect for wearing with pink and purple outfits. 
Retro Red is a true red.

Revlon Certainly Red is a new favorite that I keep in my purse.
The first couple of times I wore red lipstick it feathered so bad and wore off quickly.  Then I found Bare Escentual's Lip primer.  A pure necessity when it comes to keeping red lipstick in place.  I apply this to my lips first going just slightly over my lip line.
Next I line and fill in my lips with a red lip liner.  I use a cream lip liner by Palladio in Red Rose. Then I apply my red lipstick.  Easy peasy.  No gloss needed for a vintage look.  Matte lip color was very popular.
Beautiful Max Factor Lipstick ad featuring Rita Hayworth
I bought a tube of this vintage inspired lipstick made by Besame Cosmetics.

"Most describe it as petite,
but this 55mm size gold bullet packaging is reminiscent of the decorative
cases used during the post-war 1940’s when metal was in big demand for the war.
And yes it looks very similar to a bullet. Inspired by several original 1940's containers from my collection this was the first product I designed when I started Besame.
Besame Cosmetics

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  1. Nice.. I'm planning to buy Revlon Red too. already have the Revlon red nail polish. :-)