Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage Me

Vintage me with my new Rita Hayworth red hair.
Vintage me with my blond hair (that I miss from time to time)

I have always loved vintage ladies, vintage decor, vintage clothes, vintage music and movies and pretty much vintage everything. I used to flip through my families' old black and whites and just stare at every detail.  The curl of the hair, the cut of the dress, the red lips. Oh so classy and timeless.  Around the beginning of this year a few blogs caught my eye. There are ladies living vintage lives in this modern day world.  I mean completely vintage.  The clothes in their closet are either thrifted vintage or vintage inspired.  One vintage lady in particular is Fleur from London. Her blog, Diary of a Vintage Girl, is full of stories about her vintage modeling, vintage gatherings, and tea parties.  She is one of the most authentic looking forties enthusiast I have come across.
Fleur writes for The Chap

Not all of the vintage blogs I follow are just 40's fashion and lifestyle but also the 20's and 30's.  I prefer authentic vintage to the rockabilly style that is popular.

Casey Brown of Casey's Elegant Musings sews most of her wardrobe from vintage sewing patterns.
Wearing History
also makes a lot of their own clothing

The Call of The Jitterbug
Tea With The Vintage Baroness
Gatsby and Me
These are only a few of the many vintage blogs out there.  I'm not sure that I can become completely vintage like these girls but I sure do love incorporating vintage style into my life. I like to think more on the lines of Antropologie.  Mixing vintage and modern with a little hippie or bohemian thrown in.  Keeps things interesting.

Next I will blog about vintage hair and makeup.


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