Friday, March 4, 2011

Fairytales and Little Girls

I have always loved Fairytales, princesses, fairies, elves, and such. I used to tie a shoe lace around my Barbie's waist and swing her around so she would fly like a fairy. I love fairytale movies and books. They make me happy.  Now that I have a little girl all of my fascination for all things fairytale has doubled. Amelia is obsessed with Tinker Bell and so am I. I get to play with fairies and princesses with Amelia and have honeysuckle tea parties. I find myself buying way too much stuff for my little one! lol I think I'm buying it more for me than her.

I bought some flowers and materials to make Amelia a fairy crown and hair accessories. I am also making a pixie dust pendant necklace which Amelia keeps asking for. I have to order some tiny little bottles and then pick out some pretty beads to make her special pixie dust necklace. I might just make me one too!

A fairy door is next on my list. I may just buy one of these beautiful fairy doors. Attaching one to a tree in the backyard would look so cute!
This Fairy Mound is adorable. 
{Fairy Mound by TheFaeryWatcher}
I came across this blog, Pixie Dust Miniatures and it is absolutely amazing! She hand crafts whimsical miniatures. Aren't they adorable?!?! She has another blog called Hummingbird Miniatures where you can find her miniature pastries and foods.  I am in awe of her talent.

I am a big planner so I have already started to plan Amelia's 3rd birthday party which isn't until July 27th! I want to have a fairytale theme filled with flowers, pixie dust, handmade fairy crowns for all of the little girls and maybe gnome hats for the little boys. I think some of the moms may even wear a flower clip in their hair.  I'm so excited just thinking about decorating the backyard with lots of flowers and paper lanterns.  I need to be creative about the food.  What do fairies and gnomes eat? Berries??


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