Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amelia's 3rd Birthday Party

I can't believe my baby is 3 years old! They tell you that they grow up so fast. They were right.
I started planning for Amelia's 3rd birthday party for so many months! I came up with a woodland fairytale theme and ran with it. I blogged about my inspirations for her birthday party here.

I always tend to go a little crazy with handmade decorations.  I may get frustrated while making them but it usually all works out in the end.  Sometimes down to the last minute.
I started buying up flowers from Micheal's back in early spring when they went on sale.  I bought lots of maidenhair fern bunches and separated them then attached them end to end with florist wire to make a simple garland. I bought burlap from the fabric store to use as a rustic overlay on the table.
Lots of yummy food!

Iced coffee and peach iced tea! I used The Pioneer Woman's iced coffee recipe. It was a big hit.

I took inspiration from the Renaissance Faire to make this garland. I dyed muslin fabric different colors then ripped them into strips. I tied the muslin strips onto garden twine.  

 I sprinkled a trail of "pixie dust" onto my plants to lead to the special fairy messages.

Fairy house....naturally.

At the end of the pixie dust trail were pieces of blank paper. Fairies leave secret messages didn't you know? In order to see the secret messages you have to paint the paper with colors from the rainbow of course.

 And like magic the secret fairy messages appear!

 Cool Huh? So fun and so simple. Draw images on watercolor paper with the end of a white candle. Wherever there is wax the watercolor paint will be repelled.
I molded toad stools with fondant and let them dry a day or two. I dipped my finger in water and rubbed the toad stool top until it got a little sticky which didn't take long.  I then sprinkled tiny white sprinkles on top to resemble the spots on real toad stools. I used a leaf tip to pipe "grass" onto the gluten free cupcakes.
My mother-in-law and niece Olivia,
My husband Joaquin and his comical mustache.

Little Miss Olivia.
Favors! Burlap bags filled with cosmo seeds and pixie dust! I made pixie dust bottle necklaces for the little ones. You have to keep your pixie dust close by don't ya know.

I made all of the girls different fairy crowns. They looked so cute in them. I made gnome hats for the boys too.
The kids got to dig for buried treasure! Jewels, gold coins and a few small toys.  They spent a lot of time in the sand box. There was sand everywhere! 

The after math. THE END


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