Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dreaming of Autumn

I have been so giddy about Autumn lately! I know summer isn't over yet but I adore the Fall season.  The smells and colors are so vivid and hold so many memories for me. I stopped in to The Yankee Candle store to check out their new fall scents.  Talk about intoxicating! There candle scents are so strong and accurate! It amazes me every time I step foot into their store. They make a lot of people happy.

The smell of the "Macintosh Apple" candle transports me straight to an apple barn in the mountains of Virginia. Seriously I can relive my childhood just by smelling the Yankee Candle selections. Their spicy fall scents are so cozy. The "Fall Leaves" scent smells so much like the pile of fall leaves we would jump into as children! I love the "Harvest" scent. It's like everything Fall wrapped up in one candle. I prefer the tarts because I don't have to worry about an open flame. Mrs Paranoid here.

(These pictures are from last year so they aren't that great. I'm working on taking better pictures with our new camera.)

When I was visiting family in Virgina I went to a Micheal's craft store and they had the biggest display of Halloween and Fall decorations in the middle of June! The great thing about Micheal's are the sales! They put seasonal things on sale quickly so that I can buy the decorations I want at 40%n off and still enjoy them for the season is over.  Yay for Micheal's!

A harvest cornucopia I made last year. Looks better is person I promise. :-/

Autumn Fun That I'm Excited About
Fall decorations  
Fall leaves 
Orange and black flowers
Dehydrating oranges and apples
Drinking mulled apple cider
Visiting an apple orchard 
Pumpkin patch
Craft Shows
Renaissance Faire
Cooking with winter squash 
Soups, soups and more soups
Pumpkin spice and lots of it!
Wool Cloche hats
Crochet hats and slippers 
The crochet ripple afghan I'm working on!

Black pansies called Halloween II 
Baskets full of yarns. Trying to use these up so I can buy some real wool and cotton yarns! Husband's orders.
I love wrought iron details. Especially with the warmth of fall colors. Wrought iron reminds me of primitive New England.  Ohhh and that's a dream of mine.  To tour New England in the Fall!!!! I am giddy just thinking about it. Saltbox houses, swirling red and orange leaves on the ground, New England clam chowder, visiting Stars Hallow....wait that's not real.
My house plant looks sad. It looks way better now!
I love these primitive flickering black candles that are dipped in real wax! Found these at a Boutique in Amelia, Va. They have the prettiest collection of primitive inspired furniture, wrought iron pieces and decor.
I can't believe how much Amelia has changed since last fall! She looks like a baby here.

She dressed as a little baker for Halloween last year. It was a last minute costume for sure. This year I plan on making a nice costume.  I'm thinking Little Red Riding Hood or she can go as Snow White since she bought the gorgeous Snow White costume from the Disney store with her birthday money.

Me and Miss Amelia last Halloween before I went red. :-)


  1. I am really looking forward to autumn too. It is definitely my favourite season :)

  2. I can't believe it's almost Fall!!! Up here in New England it is certainly showing signs of Autumnness :-)
    I wasn't really looking forward to it until I read your blog tonight! Now I am ready to don my cloak and bite into a juicy apple - yum! Let it come!