Friday, August 12, 2011

Basket Weaving!

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I adore baskets. I use them for everything! They hold my overflowing collection of vintage cookbooks, yarns, cloth napkins, toilet paper, Amelia's toys, craft materials, snacks and so much more. I use them to carry food to a friend. I have always preferred to to store items in baskets and glass instead of plastic containers and Tupperware. It adds warmth to a room and is pleasant to look at. I came across the charming blog, An Apple A Day and was excited to see that she was learning to weave baskets! I had an "ah ha!" moment and decided that I HAD to learn how to weave baskets. Oh I would love that so! There are so many different ways to weave and design a basket. I grew up with lots of baskets in our home and we used them often.  

Amish Workshop- I want to make an egg basket. Such a pretty shape.

One of our favorite places to buy baskets was Baskerville in Williamsburg, Va. Sadly, it closed. Although expensive, Henn makes some of the best baskets. They will definitely become heirloom piece because they are so sturdy and well made.  Micheal's and World Market both have a good selection of baskets.  Micheal's has a bigger selection than World Market but most of the baskets at Micheal's do not seem as well made as the World Market baskets do for the price. I tend to like World Market for the fancier baskets and Micheal's for the bigger baskets.

An Apple A Day- her weaving progress
Baskets Of Africa- Bolga baskets are absolutely stunning! The color combinations that can be found in bolga baskets are limitless. I have to collect these!

Baskets Of Africa!!!!
I've found some very informative how-to videos on youtube. I hope this is a hobby that I can start soon.  I have so much to do before the end of fall.


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