Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Amelia's first handmade sun dress

Well I'm back! What a fun and relaxing Memorial day weekend. So here is the dress I have been talking about. This isn't the first dress I have ever made but it is my baby girl's first handmade dress. I am quite happy with it although I will do some things differently for the next one. Amelia's butt and thighs are nice and plump and deserve an "A" line cut. Also, I would move the ribbons over a little and not make them as long as the book asks for. This pattern came from the sweetest sewing book called, Weekend Sewing.
I was amazed at how simple this "smocking" was!

I tried getting a full picture of her but she wouldn"t stay still.

I love this fabric, it looks like a little French village.

This dress really got me excited about sewing again. I have always had the sewing bug since I was a child. My Nana taught me how to sew and I am so grateful to have learned such a wonderful skill. I was blessed to have inherited her many sewing machines and materials.

Me and Nana

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  1. What a great creativity!! She looks too cute in this dress!! Last week, I got new dress for my bbay from BabiesRUs...