Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Fun With An Apron

 How can anyone not have fun doing daily chores while wearing one of these beauties? I remember my great-grandmother, "Big Mama" and my grandmother, Ola Mae wearing aprons. Aprons were worn not just during cooking but while gardening, milking cows, cleaning, crafts, and even hosting a party. It's sad that this American housewife staple has been set aside and forgotten. Let's reclaim this classic and wear it proudly. Chores are "More Fun With an Apron".


  1. Agreed! I was just talking to my husband yesterday about how desperate I am for an apron! (specifically one of the cuties from a hot shop in Santa Cruz, CA)!! :)

  2. nice visual. I saved it, hope you don't mind. I wonder if I made a visual board I'd get inspired to sew a few.

    1. Do sew some or collect some vintage ones! So fun!