Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have combined my blogs.

I have decided to combine my two blogs so I took all of my posts from my other blog and added them to this one, hence the long post. It dawned on me that my life is my family. They are the reason I craft, sew, bake, decorate etc so why not include all of it together?

I'm pretty eclectic, old fashioned and hippie in a sense. Joaquin is kinda modern with electronic fetishes. Joaquin and I met in Guatemala while I was living there as a missionary. He was with his church visiting the orphanage where I worked. His first visit was in 2001 but he didn't even know that I existed then. It wasn't until his 2002 visit that he noticed me. I was sitting with one of our little girls on our porch when he decided to walk up to me and introduce himself. When he started to walk towards the porch, I looked around trying to find the person he was walking too. To my surprise it was me he wanted to talk too. He sat down beside me and we carried on a conversation. The day before their trip was over, Joaq came to my house and asked for my e-mail address. That was the begining of our friendship. For almost two years we kept in contact with each other. I moved back to the states Dec. 14, 2003. Once in the states we started to IM and then from IM we moved on to the phone. It was amazing how smooth everything progressed. I believe it had a lot to do with our two year friendship. God was preparing us. No matter what relationship Joaq or I had with other people, God knew that we were meant for each other. It was all God's timing indeed. Before I knew it, Joaquin asked me to marry him. Over the time of our engagement, Joaquin managed to visit me almost every month. There was never a weird or strange moment during our times together. We had truly found our Soul mates.

I celebrated my first Mother's Day last weekend. I am so happy, grateful, and blessed to be Amelia Jean Kyungsoon Costa's mommy.

"OOO camera!"

"Almost there"
"please give me the camera"

"But mom!"
"You never let me do anything!"

Hmmmm.....Wait till she asks for the car keys!

Amelia knows what the camera is for. Such a ham!

"Look mom! A yummy banana moisturizer. It's organic too!"

"Want some?"

I love carrying Amelia in a sling. I use it whenever we go out. It is so practical and easy. We were at a friend's house the other day and she had a baby doll with a child's sling so of course I put it on Amelia. I hope that Amelia will carry her babies in slings one day.

"I can even play while wearing my baby doll"

Joaquin and I celebrated our 4th wedding Anniversary, May 21st. Some days it feels as though we have just gotten married and other days it feels like a life time. Each day is new and exciting, especially with a baby.

Some people throw rice way too hard.

Free entertainment! Ha!

In Rome for our honeymoon.

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  1. Awww I didn't see her with the sling on! Toooooo cute for words!