Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Handmade Dessert Pedestals

 I knew I wanted to have a few dessert pedestals of varying heights for my friend's baby shower but I didn't want to spend a fortune buying them all. I remembered that I had a lot of crystal candlesticks from my wedding so I bought inexpensive plain white plates from World Market and heated up my glue gun! I could have used an epoxy to glue them permanently but I wanted to be able to use vintage floral plates with the candlesticks for Amelia's 4th birthday party in July.

I applied a bead of glue around the top part of the candlestick and then turned it upside down and pressed it in the middle of the plate. Luckily these square plates from World Market had a small square in the middle which was very helpful!

I then applied glue where the candlestick holder met the plate, sealing any gaps. I built the glue up and over the lip of the candlestick a little to insure it was securely attached.

Let the glue dry completely before turning the pedestal over.

There are so many options and designs you can make with a candlestick and plates! I'm so excited to start searching now for vintage floral plates to make pedestals for Amelia's Mad Hatter Tea Party!!


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