Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Recap

Finally put together the crochet coat I had started in December! I'm just working on the collar now.

Painted on one of my favorite nail colors. "Read My Palm" by OPI for Sephora.

We've been eating a lot of chia pudding this week. We love it and since we use liquid vanilla stevia to sweeten it we feel a little less quilt when eating it as a dessert.

Amelia and I have tea time a few times a week. I'm so glad she loves tea time as much as I do. We are using my aunt's tea cups.

The weather has been amazingly warm this week considering we recently entered Spring. I wore one of my favorite wrap skirts that I bought while living in Guatemala.

I made raw dehydrated zucchini chips for snack.

Amelia took advantage of the hot weather and played in her swimming pool while wearing the bathing suit I wore as a young girl!

We had pho per Amelia's request. She loves "noodles" and they are gluten free.

I also turned 28 this week! Yikes! Much closer to 30!

I made myself a small batch of gluten free cupcakes to celebrate.

I also put together grain free, honey sweetened zucchini muffins. I just need to make one more batch before blogging the recipe.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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